Registration vs. Tickets

At this point, we are asking you to register for the party only, which is non-binding. This is to express interest in taking part, allowing us to see which of our venue options we should book, based on the number of registered people. In late January, we will then set the maximum number of visitors allowed and open the ticket sales to all registered users.

For Corona safety reasons, there will be no tickets sold at the door, no exceptions! You need to have bought a valid ticket online prior to the party taking place.


You are used to be paying 65 Euros for an Easter party. That does work well when there are 1,000 people in a hall designed for 1,000 people. But for onScene, we need to provide social distancing, which means every visitor will need and get four times the normal amount of space. Meaning: We will have to pay for a venue designed for 1,000 people, but will only get the ticket sales of 250. That's a problem.

The ticket price includes the mandatory rapid Covid-19 test before entering the party, and the optional daily ones. For this we need to pay an on-site medic. 

This is why the tickets are so damn expensive. About half of the ticket price goes into Covid-19 safety measures.

We think it's worth it to be finally be able to meet again in person.


onScene formally is run as a corporate event by main organizer scamp's company Nerdherrschaft GmbH. During a pandemic art is regarded as less important than business, so running this as a company makes it easier to get permissions. 

onScene of course still is a 100% non-profit event, as you would expect from any demo party. Any profit the party is making will be given out as competition prize money. Any losses the event makes will be covered by scamp's company. As onScene is scheduled to be one-time event, we obviously can not carry forward any profits towards future parties, which is why a final balance sheet will be done prior to the prize giving ceremony.

Ticket Types

We are offering both private and corporate tickets.

The standard ticket is calculated in a way that it covers the cost and contributes a bit towards the competition prize money. In case you are really poor for whatever reason, there is a discounted social ticket. We are making a loss on it, it barely covers the cost for the Covid-19 tests. Therefore please only choose it if you absolutely must. And finally there is the supporter ticket. If you are lovely person and can afford it, buying this one basically sponsors a poor person who is buying a social ticket.

The corporate tickets are basically a small-scale sponsorship, and will come with a written invoice which can be deducted as a corporate expense for an IT conference. If you work in a or run a company, it is a perfect way to help us make the whole thing happen.


  • We are making a loss on it
  • Please only take this if you absolutely can not afford A standard one

Standard Ticket

  • The Standard ticket

    This one covers our cost

Supporter Ticket

  • Help us covering the losses we make on the social tickets
  • profits go into competition Prize money

Business TIcket

125 + 19% VAT
  • The same as the visitor ticket
  • Written Invoice provided

Business+ TICKET

180 + 19% VAT
  • Includes a Party T-ShiRT
  • written invoice provided


260 + 19% VAT
  • The same as Business+,
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