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Being able to attend onScene requires a few more steps than what you would normally expect from a demo party. This is mostly due to the Corona pandemic. While visitor numbers for Easter parties have been pretty stable in the range of 800-1000 visitors for the last 25 years, right now things are different. Many if not most people will stay home. This makes it really hard to plan the event. 

We therefore need to know how many people would like to attend onScene. We are very well aware that quite a few people who are willing to take the hassles it takes to visit a demo party during a pandemic in the end might not actually make it, further making this more complicated for us. Based on the number of registered visitors we will book the right location, which basically will be a hall suitable for the number of registered visitors multiplied by four. Meaning: If we get 250 visitors, we will book at 1,000-visitor hall.

The registration for onScene will go through the following phases:

1. Registration

You register your interest to join by registering with us. At this point, this is a non-binding registration. Due to the Corona pandemic, you will need to provide your full contact data which would only be used for contact tracing as mandated by both common sense and law.

2. Confirmation

In January, we will verify your contact data and then confirm your registration.

Based on the number of registered visitors we will decide on the final location and share all detail of it. At this point you may still back out of your registration.

3. Ticket Sales

In February we will decide on the maximum of allowed visitors together with local authorities. Most likely that number is going to be 250.

Then Ticket sales will start. Only visitors registered and confirmed before will be able to purchase tickets. 

Once (and not before) you have your ticket, you should book your hotel room and travel. Please note that there still is a slight risk the event might get cancelled if the pandemic worsens again.

4. Final event confirmation

In the first week of March, based on the status of the pandemic, we will do the final decision on if the event can take place. This will be based both on common sense and the legal situation.

Go Ahead and Register

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