The party is going to take place in Bingen am Rhein, Germany. In case you are very old (like we are), that name may ring a bill - yes, it's the city the Breakpoint demo party series used to run in.

For those who are not old: Bingen am Rhein is a small city at the junction of the rivers Rhine and Nahe. Bingen is surrounded by a varied landscape, known for its natural beauty, its castles and other places of interest. It's around 80 km west of Frankfurt/Main, and 100 km south-east of Cologne. Bingen is easily reachable by car (A60 and A61 motorways), by rail (Intercity, Eurocity and Regional trains), by air (Frankfurt-Main, Frankfurt-Hahn and Cologne/Bonn (CGN) airports), and therefore is a perfect choice for an international event like onScene. For details, visit the Travelling page.

We are not yet able to disclose the actual party location inside Bingen. This is because we have options on multiple locations, and need to pick the one with the right size depending on how many people pre-register. In an optimal scenario, we would be reaching about 200-250 visitors, in which case we would use the most wonderful location of all choices, which "in normal times" provides space for 1000+ visitors - as stated, we want to enable social distancing. In case we'll have to use the smaller (but still nice!) location due to a lower number of registered visitors we don't wish to have spoiled you.

We plan to do the final decision on which of the halls to use by mid January. So if you are interested to come, it really would be a good idea to register (non-binding) now.

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