It's 2021, and Revision is cancelled, and we are expected to spend another Easter weekend at home.
Update March 7th:

While in our region the infection numbers are really low and it would be quite safe to do the party, in the end it's not sustainable to do the event.

Germany is far behind and completely messed up both vaccinations and testing. By Easter weekend, after four months probably less than 10% of the German population will be vaccinated.

Also the current lock-down is supposed to end just days before Easter, which even having a permit would mean we potentially would have to cancel last minute while people more or less are already sitting in their cars/planes/trains.

Long story short: It was worth trying. We still believe that even with the chance having been low, it was the right thing not to give up on Easter Weekend 2021 early.

So, another Easter where you can't physically party with your friends. It's a pain, but we'll make it.

On a positive Note: Underground Conference 11 is going to definitely happen in July, we got all the necessary permits and stuff is booked. As this is an outside event, managing infection risk obviously is a whole lot easier. Also we can use the hundreds of Corona test kits and masks we had bought for onScene ;)

An announcement on the party is coming soon.

Many of the onScene registered visitors have been to UC, but others don't. If you wanna see if this could be an alternative for you, check out last years' info page:

UC10 Website

Also, we have just released a video of the Opening Ceremony of last year's Underground Conference, which is worth checking out:

UC10 Opening Ceremony

So, Easter Weekend will be the last time this year where staying on your Sofa is acceptable.

Thanks a lot for giving onScene a chance. See you in July!

All the best,

The onScene / UC Organizing Team

Old stuff:

It's clear that a packed on-site event like Revision on its full scale wasn't doable by April, so no hard feelings there. Our intention is not to compete with Revision Online, our intention is not to replace Revision. Our intention solely is to enable those sceners who regard it an acceptable safety risk to meet on easter to do so.

We believe that with a lower number of visitors combined with an over-sized party hall, the impossible can be made reality: A safe indoor demo party during a pandemic. We understand that others think that this is not possible, and we respect that.

To make this a safe event, we will have to invest tons of resources into a security concept. This involves getting all visitors tested daily for Covid-19 by an on-site medic, app-based contact tracing, disinfecting all equipment, having a gigantic hall with massive air floor and having strict rules on when and where to wear masks.

This is a gigantic and costly undertaking, provided by a huge team of 20 experienced organizers. Our aim is not to replace Revision, but to complement Revision Online with an on-site event for those who wish to touch actual human flesh again for a change.

We are aware that this may not work out, and that we'll still have to cancel the event last-minute. 

But we simply have to try. Because we love you. Because we miss you.  

One more thing: We need your help! All of this really is a last-minute effort. We are still missing organizers, seminar speakers, DJs and live music acts. Willing to help make this a great event to remember?

Watch the invitation demo

Check out our PC invitation demo by Spacepigs.

Minimum PC specs: 16gb RAM, 6GB GPU

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