General Information about onScene

As Revision is not going to take place in 2021 due to Covid-19 and instead is run purely as an online stream event, we have decided that unlike Revision, we are willing to take the risks it involves organizing a demo party during a pandemic.

OnScene's main organizer scamp has a history of doing Breakpoint for 10 years, and doing Underground Conference for 25 years. With UC10 in mid-2020 he has proven that an outdoor event can be done during a pandemic. He knows what he's doing. He is part of a team of around twenty well-experienced organizers, who have been part of major demo party organizing teams.

onScene is scheduled to be one-time event. We do expect Revision to return as a "normal" party again in 2022. We are not trying to steal someones fame or cake. We just want to meet with actual humans on Easter weekend, instead of spending that "holy" time of the year in front of our screens for a second time.

We also do not expect onScene to be nowhere near the size of Revision demo party. It is planned to be a small and cozy event with a maximum amount of visitors of 250 people. It's a pandemic, after all, and a lot of people will have good reasons to stay home.

While we plan to be holding lots of "local" competitions, we will also be carrying live all major Revision Online compos as HQ stream to our massive big screen. Yeah, for a lot of stuff you still will be watching a stream, but at least you are doing it on a massive screen with a banging PA, but most importantly: Surrounded by your friends.

To make this possible, a sophisticated security concept is key. Risks do remain: Even with this concept, we might have to cancel the event due to legal or common sense reasons. 

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