SAFETY FIRST - We mean it

We know it's annoying, but we are trying to find a good balance between this event being fun, and making it as safe as possible. Our safety concept probably is more sophisticated than anything that has been tried so far, but we still might have to cancel last minute.

Please make yourself familiar with the concept below. Please only join the party if you are willing to adhere to these rules. Most importantly, you need to agree to have a rapid Covid-19 test taken on entry.

The concept at a glance

Negative Test required

You'll either bring your own negative test (from home or Frankfurt Airport) or will have to take a rapid test by the on-site medic upon arrival prior to entering the main hall. Additional tests will be optionally available during the party. If you have a  vaccination certificate, please bring it.

Wear a mask

Unless you are seated at your own table or are sleeping inside your tent (see below), you'll have to wear a certified surgical mask (which we are providing for free). No, cloth masks won't do. 

Contact tracing

You need to provide full contact data when registering. You need to inform us in case you are showing symptoms after the event. Four weeks after the party all personal data will be deleted.

Bring warm clothes

To reduce aerosols furthers, there will be high air ventilation, which we can not fully compensate with heating. The sleeping hall most likely won't be heated at all.

Sleep in your tent

Unless you are sleeping in a hotel or your car/caravan, you'll need to bring your own tent to setup inside the sleeping hall. This is to limit you distributing aerosols into the hall's air.

Arrive & leave healthy

Do not join if you are showing any symptoms - stay home and watch the stream instead. Try to reduce risks before and while travelling. Do not join us if you are going to see vulnerable non-vaccinated people within 10 days after the party.

The Concept in full Detail (V1.0)

Scope, Risk Assessment

The demoscene is one of the oldest digital cultures, and demoparties are the central component to maintain our artform.

For many of us, the scene is their primary hobby and even their primary or even sole social sphere.

While a safety concept may not be required by law for private gatherings, it is in our organizers’ and guests’ best interest, and is officially shared on our website.

The Revision party series is a traditional gathering on Easter weekend. The annual series has been hosting up to 1,000 participants, most of which visit the party every year and are long standing friends. Due to the current situation, we are expecting about 25% of the participants for our substitute event, if the regulations allow.

The major challenge is of course the timing of the event. It will take prior to vaccinations having been applied to most. We want to account for this added risk of an undetected infection by strictly adhering to the German AHA+L rules (social distancing, hygiene, face-covering and regular ventilation).

Beside the challenges we have to address, our event also holds certain chances: visitors rarely frequent other establishments during their stay apart from our location and their accommodation, and are in general very considerate about current safety measures. By default, a majority of us live staid and even reclusive, on average we are in our mid-thirties to late fourties. Many of us have already worked mostly in remote-office settings before the pandemic. This makes contact tracing easier for authorities in the event of an infection, and has a good chance of avoiding superspreader events.

Thank you very much for taking the time to read this concept. Of course we are happy about any feedback.

Venue Plan

Demoparties are a place of collaboration and exchange between programmers, graphics artists and musicians. Thus, a strict separation of visitors into isolated zones is not feasible. We are compensating this constraint with strict safety measures.

An advantage of our location is its vast size, allowing for social distancing in all areas. Each visitor will have around 10 m² to their own just within the mainhall. Hence, this concept mainly considers social behavior rather than space and logistical constraints.

We assessed the following areas of the event as risk-areas for infections by aerosols:

- Infodesk
- Bigscreen Area (traditionally, our visitors sit in front of the bigscreen on chairs or on the floor. Good entries are being regarded by clapping and loud shouting.)
- Social Spaces
- Workspaces (static seating for longer periods, visitors walk between desks)

The seating plan of our work-spaces was adjusted, instead of the normal seating rows, we will offer table groups with a maximum capacity of four people (unless travelling together or families).

As the venue will be occupied around the clock, we are planning different zones to allow for different modes of interaction:

Our event mandates the wearing of hygiene masks . The different areas are outlined above.

For attendees who are unable to wear masks for health reasons, we may reserve special seats with their own entrance. We are asking everyone affected to get in touch with us before the event, provide a reason (and in the best case, a doctor’s note). The same is valid for kids amongst the age of 12 and their caregivers without an attest.

Social Areas, the Infodesk and the region between big screen and workspaces mandate the wearing of masks for all participants.

The Sleeping Area is in a separate area with more than sufficient ventilation and air volume. Considering the low temperatures and as an additional measure against the spread of aerosols, we ask visitors to bring tents and camping gear, reenacting outdoor camping solutions while protecting our visitors from the weather.

Hotels are available in the area for visitors with the financial means. We also will be offering a the option of a discounted booking at a low-price hotel. In general we recommend investing the money for a hotel room for those who can afford it.

Multi boxes with surgical one-way masks will be provided by us for anyone who forgot theirs. Turtlenecks, shawls, visors and masks with exhaust valves do not fulfill our mask mandate.

- Infodesk, Social Area: Masks mandatory. Hold distance if possible.

- Workspaces: Masks or minimum distance mandatory.

- Sleeping Area: Minimum distance can be ensured. The wearing of masks is appreciated.

Behaviour Rules - Visitors

Visitors commit with their purchase to the following rules to participate:

their personal contact information is complete, correct and up to date
they are symptom-free while travelling and participating
they commit to all rules and guidelines in this concept.
they inform us immediately about symptoms or an infection at . The information is only accessible to the main organizers and will be regarded as highly confidential. Disclosure of the name or any other personal details apart from the Health Authorities is prohibited.

We require all participants to clean touched surfaces (e.g. commonly used furniture, door handles and toilet flush buttons), and regularly wash their hands thoroughly with soap. Disinfectant will be provided on critical and accessible spots.

Visitors are asked to use Screen Share-services for collaboration purposes, rather than gathering over one screen.

Visitors are also kindly asked to wear their masks in public spaces, transport, localities and businesses that are not related to onScene and to keep distance to others .

Official quarantine measures when crossing country-borders must be strictly adhered to. Visitors travelling from countries listed by the Robert-Koch-Institut can only access the venue after completion of their quarantine mandate.

It is also appreciated if international participants pick up on test offers e.g. in airports when arriving or departing from Germany, and inform us immediately in case of a positive test result.

We also suggest the installation of our visitors’ respective national Corona-Proximity App. It should also stay active during their stay with us, to ensure a fairly wide-spread coverage amongst attending nations. The installation of the German Covid-App additionally to their own national app is not recommended, as currently the apps are unable to communicate with each other, and the participant would lose the keys from their former encounters when deinstalling.

Soft Measures

We organizers are mindful that our visitors maintain long friendships, and haven’t seen each other for most of the year. We also appreciate that this of course leads to an overly joyful atmosphere, with people potentially consuming more alcohol and not fully adhering to safety measures. The organizer team is mindful about intoxicated visitors, and if needed call it an early night for participants that impose on others’ space and safety.

Music volume will be reduced between the event highlights, so participants are able to talk at normal volume.

We will place comfortable seating options in the Social Areas, to offer alternatives for collaboration other than at the desks. With this, we can subtly enforce social distancing by the placement of the furniture.

Behavior Rules - Personnel and helpers

Personnel and helpers with customer contact (Infodesk, Compo) are required to wear masks during their work, if not seated at the FOH. Competition entries are normally submitted via our internal party network, this will further limit direct interaction.

While we cannot insist on this, we are kindly asking our team to not engage in high-risk activity and large gatherings for 10 days before the event.

Substitution for critical point personnel in quarantine has been secured at this point of the planning.

Sale of beverages: Whenever change, empty bottles or other items are handed from visitors to our personnel, they are required to disinfect their hands and must not touch their faces or other items. Disinfectant is being provided.

The same is valid when returning from a break.

We will provide open containers for the return of deposit bottles to further minimize direct contact.

Contact Tracing

The following data will be collected from our visitors during the ticket purchase:

First and Last Name

Street Address

Postal Code, City


Telephone number

E-Mail Address

The data will only be saved for the purpose of contact tracing according to the minimum duration mandated by authorities, beside from the invoicing purpose.

The telephone numbers will be verified about one week prior to the event via SMS. Should we be unable to reach the ticket holder, we will try and get in touch via email. Entrance will only be permitted after telephone number validation.

Contactless Payments

We are exploring options and vendors at the minute, to decrease the need for cash payments during the event and enable contactless card payments instead. We ask our visitors to reduce the use of cash wherever possible.

Entrance, Verification of Personal Data

Tickets are only available in presale. Admission is managed by the Infodesk at the front of the hall. Floor markings will enforce the minimum distance. People will state their handle and receive a sealed bag assigned to their name, containing their wristbands, system access keys and any ordered merchandise. Like this, we are able to manage entrance and verification at the same time efficiently.

We aim to secure all of our ticket sales before the event to answer for the tracing requirements .

Special Considerations due to the International Nature of our Event

Our event welcomes an audience not only from Germany, but from all across Europe and the world.

This of course means that there may be differences between the severity of attending nations’ countermeasures.  
We understand this as an opportunity to install and monitor further measures as common in other nations.

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