It is our intention to co-operate with Revision Online as much as we can. We hope that some of Revision Online's stream content is to be produced locally at onScene.

The general idea is that we will carry all Revision Online competitions. Where we can we will show the entries locally, else we will be showing their stream in HQ on our big screen.

For most compos our goal is to show the entries live, instead of carrying the stream content. This is so you can enjoy the works the way the creators had intended, instead of having MPEG artifacts resulting from certain effects (like noise).  It will depend on the Revision Online orga team to see what will be possible in this regard.

In addition to this we will be holding our own local/real-time competitions in some areas.

Our aim is for you to be able to hand in your entries at onScene, which then also will be submitted to Revision Online. Again, we'll have to see what the Revision Online team is willing to enable here.

Our plan is to have dedicated competition prizes, paid for by part of the entrance fee. If you are handing in your entry locally at onScene, the entry qualifies for those prizes, in addition to any prize Revision Online may provide. Again: Final decisions on this have not yet been made.

This is a joke. Ha. Ha.

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