Competitions are probably the main attraction of every decent demo-party. This is where people get to show their skills to a (hopefully) big audience, this is where you get to see productions that may become milestones in scene history, and this is where you get to see how good you really are.

To make the competition fair and interesting for both the demomakers and the viewers, there are rules. Deciding about these rules is always hard, and so is deciding which compos to hold. We hope you can agree with our decisions - but if you have a good idea on how to improve them, feel free to contact the respective organizers, we always have an open ear for constructive criticism!

When it comes to competitions, onScene will go a hybrid way: We will both carry the Revision Online competitions, but also provide additional local competitions. We will try to co-operate and coordinate as much as we can with Revision Online so to not have any scheduling conflicts.

While we already have quite some stuff cooking, we are still looking for competent organizers who would like to join the team to make this reality.

Breakpoint picture by Saga Musix

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