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Let us give you a brief overview of why a commitment to onScene will definitely pay off for you and your company:

The demoscene is almost all about passion. Passion for computer art, creating demos, composing music, creating graphics, organizing events and of course meeting other passionate people.

Bringing passionate people together seems like a great idea to us. And of course, since you're not a boring company with boring people in it, but a great company with passionate people in it, onScene is just the right place to get in touch with great people, unconventional concepts and unleashed creativity! Whether you "just" want to experience four refreshingly exciting days supporting a great scene, or you plan to dive into the business world by teaming up with people who want to help you develop the next great product, software, hardware, thing .... - either way, it's all there at onScene. 

Nowhere else will you have the opportunity to connect with so many motivated and highly skilled people who love to push both technical and artistic boundaries with their productions. That's why many of our participants work in important positions in the games, software and hardware industries, where creative potential and technical skills are of great importance.

In addition to young tech enthusiasts, you can also meet many experienced developers and decision makers from various IT fields.

And you are in good company, too. While our focus is on small to mid-sized innovative corporations, sponsors of previous Easter party events have included even giants like Intel and NVidia. Investing into the demo scene really pays off, after all.

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